STOW FAIR


Twice a year Travellers gather at Stow on the Wold

to trade and socialise, it is an important event in the Traveller calender, people attend from all parts of the country. The dates of the fairs are traditionally the Thursdays nearest to the 12th of May and the 24th of October................originally the fair was held in a field along the lower Swell Road and on the verges to the west of Stow. Many years ago a funfair used to occupy the town square at the same time.


The site of the fair was then moved to the east of the town between Oddington Road and Maugersbury Lane, with waggons, trailers and stalls along the verges and infront of the Bell Inn pub as well as the field now used.

Sadly, the colourful and atmospheric sight of the bustling lane is now history, as stopping and trading along the verges has been forbidden. The fair is now held solely in the field which still attracts vast numbers especially for the spring fair'... whatever the weather !!


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already history.......... stopped along the lane

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