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modern version at Stow                                  kjm

                        1982                                           kjm                              Brian's 9'x9' Yeo Bros. cottage tent 1982        kjm

Up until the mid 1970's the 'cottage tent' was often used as useful additional accommodation. The original cottage tent was made by Yeo Bros.,Paull at Martock in Somerset. 7'x7' and 9'x9' were made. When used as a 'kitchen' or for living space a 'Queenie' stove was used inside, 'extras' when ordering the tent were aluminium chimney hole and cover, rear perspex window with canvas curtains and blue nylon rope instead of hemp. The tent below was made in 1981 and was the first one ordered since the mid 1970's.  In later years 'cottage tents' were made in other styles, coloured or striped..........

Thanks to Brian Raywid for info' about Yeo Bros.tents.

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