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Mark and Terence Jones in the Vickers

Nora Jones cleaning the stove

Davy Jones aged about 4 by a Lonsdale trailer                                                                             Davy in his Westmorland Star 1978

These vans were built at Culgaith near Penrith. The company was started in                                     with his daughter Lucy

September 1957. The works manager at the time was Mr.Edward Sears who

later became partner with Mr.Alan Dent to form Westmorland Star caravans

Mary Wilson with a fine Vickers, Surrey. 1970's

all photographs courtesy of Mr.Davy Jones

This picture is another fine illustration of how the trailers

looked in the hey day of the

'flash' Travellers. Everything

immaculate and of the best

quality. Crown Derby, silver bowls, carpet, curtains etc....


left: Davy and Ada Jones, Davy's grandparents, and Johnny (Davy's father) with horse and his dog 'Gypsy'

                                                                 this picture was taken during the war.                          

daveys dad and gparentscopy Davy Jones pics 3