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I recieved the following in the post from my friend Dominic Reeve...................!!


                                                             "Flash trailers"

As one who was in his prime during the 1970's it is of particular interest to me that the very ornate Travellers trailers of that decade are now entering the realms of  "collectables". The showy opulence of the Westmorland Stars and Vickers trailers, as well as the few more slightly less splendid makes, will never again be equalled in their sheer rococo elegance. Their workmanship alone would render their prices prohibitive today.

The interest in these vintage vans is being greatly extended by the creation of Kenneth Mayhew's website which is devoted to them and is being patronised by Travellers all over the country: all of whom are pining for memories of their own or their parents' pasts. As I understand it (tho I am not on 'the web' myself, nor even understand it!) Kenneth Mayhew's service is entirely non profit-making, but is a much needed and much appreciated enterprise.

I lived in such trailers myself in the 1970's and 80's when they were newly manufactured. They did indeed encourage pride and style, shining out in a rather oppressed way of life.

Long may this website continue, bringing pleasure to so many and encouraging respect for the recent past.


Dominic Reeve.


as far as I am aware, this is the only book that chronicles the 'change over' to

motors and trailers...............a good read !!

beshlie trailer






the first trailer                                                                                      1980's

beshlie trailer2






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pictures from 'Beneath the Blue Sky'