Some more photos from Julie Wilson

bob farrow bob farrow great grandad family granny lena grandad joe joe wilson 17 (dad) margaret farrow granny when young margaret wilson granny peddlars licence roseverlena finney 14 (mum)

Roseverlena Finney age 14... Julies mam

       .......what a nice photograph.......  

Joe Wilson age 17...Julies dad          

Joe and Lena Wilson      

Margaret Farrow

   Julies granny    

Bob Farrow, Julies dads grandad on his mothers side..........lovely old pics

Margret Wilson,  Julies granny    

lovely old family photo  


Julies mams 'hawking licence'  when  she was 18 years old

big thankyou to

Julie Wilson for the

use of these family