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For 21 years from 1983 till 2004 Roma Caravans of Pocklington, York, reigned supreme as the premier builder of Travellers trailers in the UK. Over 3000 vans were built. These pic's illustrate the changing tastes over the years, each, of its era, a smart home.


                                                                                                  A Roma could be had from 'basic' to 'ultra flash',

                                                                                                  depending entirely on the money spent,

                                                                                                  but whatever the budget, each owner had a trailer

                                                                                                  that was specifically built for them.  

                                                                                                  Since the demise of Roma, Travellers have not had

                                                                                                  an iconic trailer specific to them except for the

                                                                                                  French built Val de Loire.

                                                                                                  However, 2008 may see a re-birth...................