WESTMORLAND COMET


In 1979 Alan Dent builder of Westmorland's decided to build a new shape trailer, smaller and lighter in weight, to meet the emerging  requirements of Travellers. Of similar proportions to the then popular Buccaneer, the new van was called a Westmorland Comet. The interior was very similar to the usual Star, nicely finished to a high standard. The roof was aluminium instead of fibreglass and the shape was new as was the external detailing. For whatever reason they did not 'take' and only three were ever built................................


                                      here's one of them !!


This trailer was bought by Bill when it was 18 months old from Ben Pepper.

Newly built, it cost £15500, perhaps that's why it was never a contender against Buccaneers and similar smaller trailers?!!!!

Special thanks for these Comet

photo's sent in by Bill Siggery from Northants.


a.k.a.       'Budgies Bill'