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Who would imagine that from this unassuming little building in a small Westmorland village, a workforce

of craftsmen produced probably the finest caravans in the world. Over a period of 19 years just 272 trailers

were built.





From the very start it was decided that

Westmorland Star caravans would be

the finest that money could buy. In the

late 1950's and early 1960's, trailers built for Travelling people by Vickers, Eccles and Lonsdale were already of a very high quality.

Carlight caravans and Siddall also produced superb 'specials' for Travellers. To aim to be the best was no small feat, but it was achieved by putting together a small, dedicated staff of skilled craftsmen, mostly men who had worked at the Waring & Gillows furniture factory. In June, August and October of 1961 the first three vans were built. 20' x 7'6" and 22' x 7'6" trailers were produced.


here are pictures of the first vans...................



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These first trailers were lined and furnished with oak veneer ply, Alan Dent had an arrangement

with the supplier to have 'first pick' of new stock to ensure he obtained the finest grain............this

privilege came at a small cost !!!!


The interiors were then French

polished, as can be seen in these

unique photo's. At this time no

'formica' was used in the trailers.

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with huge thanks to Mr Alan Dent

   for the use of these photographs